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Rites of Passage: The Dental Nurse

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Back in 1981 the dental nurse was on-site at most primary and intermediate schools throughout New Zealand. We had one at Owairoa Primary School. The nurse had a tight ringlet perm and she played rock music on her wireless. Around the clinic were posters of rotten gums, but it was okay. Once a year you could enter a competition where… Read more »

Brut 33 as Motivational Discourse

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  Surely Liam Messam, and any guy in this country, knows of the Brut 33 curse? Worn only by year 12 students to the school formal in 1986—because a few droplets, only, remained in dad’s glass bottle on the glass shelf in the bathroom—Liam has taken a massive leap of faith to make the scent equivalent of Jamaican rum and… Read more »

Youi and Me-i

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As if to fill the gaping hole left by the Chanui series, along comes a new campaign, this time for insurance. I think the key reason this type of advertising, that ‘person-talks-to-you-through-the-television style’ grates people’s souls is that there seems to be so much earnest persuasion and advertising pull, for what seems to be very little return for the potential… Read more »

The Sane Companion’s Guide to: Bucket Lists

Jeep UK have established the ultimate mid-life crisis challenge, also known as a bucket list. In this campaign, #RenegadesWanted, with the subtext “Cheat on Fear: Have an Affair with Your Dream”, it seems the heart of the campaign is for punters to take part in one of 10 challenges set up by successful people in that field. Parkour, anyone? Obviously… Read more »

The Anchor Family

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So much about the advertising of shopping basics (milk, bread … Coke) used to revolve around family life, and the creation of characters who hardly explode fixed New Zealand archetypes. One such campaign [wonder what all those returned servicemen think of that term being used] was the Anchor butter ad series from the 80s, about the recently ‘broken’ family, and… Read more »

Countdown Fusion

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    How can I be a capable, competent, semi-educated, semi-upright woman and be writing about a supermarket? Coz we all need supermarkets.  We all go to them. We all wander around with the small basket Vague Shopping and then crave a trolley because we are going to overspend. It’s important. When I go on Sunday nights, the dads are… Read more »

Herald News

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House prices beyond comprehension Why does the Herald continue to report something that is not news? Putin advancing on the Ukraine is news. Come on.  Auckland (the usual focus of these articles) has always been expensive and will continue to be expensive while there is no such thing as capital gains tax, and while Auckland is seen as the hub… Read more »

When Trades go bad

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We’ve all had a bad experience or three on Trade Me. It’s not the company per se, it’s the people who use it.  A bit like hand guns. You’ve wrapped the six sets of Merino wool, never-worn socks.  The money has just gone in your account.  You decide to post the item right away, because you are magnanimous.  Your Trade… Read more »

The Best Ad in New Zealand History

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  The KiwiRail Scenic Journeys advertisement, featuring the duet from The Pearl Fishers. What happens in the scenes on this train journey montage is exactly what happens on this kind of trip through New Zealand: you begin to look outward yet inward too, and it can be a real epiphany. This advertisement reminds me of my late father, who loved… Read more »

Funeral Insurance: What Will Become of the Little Children?

We’ve arrived. We all die, and when that happens, no one wants to be put out in a rubbish sack. Funeral plans ensure that will never happen … or do they? The baby boomers are aging, they are comfortably set up and they are spending the ’70s childrens’ inheritance on retirement villages, overseas holidays, investment properties, New Idea magazines, and… Read more »

There is nothing like good pizza…

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  …and this is nothing like good pizza. So.  I’m back working now and as part of that process, the dinner situation for the adults has become somewhat dire. You know what I’m talking about.  It’s 8.30pm.  The children are largely in bed, barring one or two strange noises, and the odd sleepwalking incident. You’re hungry.  You open the freezer…. Read more »

The Worst Ad Fix-Up in New Zealand History

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  Nothing has got chins wagging more than the perplexing and sometimes terrifying Earthwool ad.  If you want some background to this mistake, read this now. If you haven’t clapped your eyes on this,  it’s probably too late.  It’s on at random times and channels like The Box. The Box is a Sky Channel that plays back to back episodes of… Read more »

Ad Smackdown: Lighting and Blinds

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It’s what you’ve been waiting for most of your adult life:  An analytical breakdown of our best ads that peddle beloved and unnecessary crap like…lighting and blinds. Correction.  We do need this crap, I accept that.  But do we respond to the advertising style of the maniac proprietor or do we like the smooth, sexy approach of the calm and… Read more »

The Worst Ad In New Zealand History

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  And the gong goes to…the Chanui ad. I know I am about 6 months to a year behind here, but I was just sitting there tonight, watching the farce that is House Rules — you know, the one where the millionaire gentry are posing as first homeowners (cough) — and up it came. The guy from the Chanui ad. I’m… Read more »