Big Tits


I was watching some old SoHo today because I am white and middle-class and I like to live a vicarious existence as a voyeur of 16-18SLV serials.

It’s Sunday.

I don’t have church.  I have SoHo and a George Clooney Nespresso.

Mad Men was cycling through a few seasons and I noticed one of the characters was a gorgeous, buxom and sexy woman.

Normally (I am guessing) I am meant to be gawking at Jon Hamm’s character engaging in some secret office sofa drinking.  He’s ok, I guess.

But Christina Hendricks would have to be one of the most glittery, beautiful people ever.

I sit here thinking about her perfection.  I have to admit, I am also thinking about her big tits.

A woman’s breasts are a thing of beauty and why on earth they have to be tucked away at all is one of life’s great mysteries.

Of course it would be impractical to have them out all the time.  You couldn’t hope to get on with day-to-day tasks all that well, or have people listen to you in important area meetings.

Somehow, Christina gets listened to though.  I listen to you Christina.

A beautiful pair of tits is a wondrous thing.  Small children snuggle them like pillows.  Everyone likes to nestle their head into a pair of wonderful, fullsome, heaving breasts.

Breasts are wonderful.

Thank you Christina, on behalf of humanity, thank you.


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