Ad Smackdown: Lighting and Blinds


The MCG has a range of spots, halogens and window treatments to satisfy and wow.

It’s what you’ve been waiting for most of your adult life:  An analytical breakdown of our best ads that peddle beloved and unnecessary crap like…lighting and blinds.

Correction.  We do need this crap, I accept that.  But do we respond to the advertising style of the maniac proprietor or do we like the smooth, sexy approach of the calm and measured blind salesman, he of professorial hair and honeyed vocal chords?

You’ve seen the ads.  The guy who runs the store, does the ad.  It’s the old tried and true method, that speaks of honesty and a personal guarantee that the goods are backed by the man fronting the shop.  I have an image in my mind that if my blinds fall apart when I get them home, that the guy in the ad will reach into his own back pocket and give me cash back right then and there.  It’s comforting.

I’ve selected two products to unpack – Lighting Plus and Window Treatments.  Combine these two essentials, and you’ve got decorating napalm.  Your lounge, your kitchen, your bedroom.

Graeme Rose of Window Treatments takes the gentle approach.  A chambray shirt, a formal blazer and a jean establish him as the gentlemen blind pusher.  Your Venetians, your Romans, your overall treatment of windows is his major concern.

Our other proprietor is less subtle.  He’s the rhinoceros of the illumination world.  There is no place to escape from this style of advertising.

The Lighting Plus man adopts the loveable, bombastic buffoon model, pretending he hasn’t a clue where all his units are being shifted to but he doesn’t care, as long as his customers understand the crazy bargain they are getting.

He’s the ‘whacky old dad’ model, generous to the core.  I bet that’s a fun office to work in.  At reception:

You don’t have to be mad to work here, but it helps!


If it’s to be a proper smackdown, I think Lighting Plus should win – simply because I feel sufficiently terrified into buying the lights.

Lights for my dinner setting, discounted spots for my lounge, recessed overhead halogens for my cooktop.  When I look at the lights for long enough, I see a smiling magnanimous businessman shaking his fists at how crazy the price was, and how fun the workplace he runs is, with the whoopee cushions and casual Fridays.

Next time on The Sane Companion: The Body Building Supplements guy versus the Capri Clinic folk.  It’s great to see they are letting more of these people out into the community.


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