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Rites of Passage Part II: University Bars

The natural follow-up to the post about school balls is the leap into tertiary study, still a teenager, so young and clueless. Not everyone takes the prescribed New Zealand ‘drink yourself into the bowels of hell’ route, but let’s be honest, a great number of us do, even just once or twice. Some of us never learned where the ‘off’… Read more »

Youi and Me-i

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As if to fill the gaping hole left by the Chanui series, along comes a new campaign, this time for insurance. I think the key reason this type of advertising, that ‘person-talks-to-you-through-the-television style’ grates people’s souls is that there seems to be so much earnest persuasion and advertising pull, for what seems to be very little return for the potential… Read more »

The Sane Companion’s Guide to: Bucket Lists

Jeep UK have established the ultimate mid-life crisis challenge, also known as a bucket list. In this campaign, #RenegadesWanted, with the subtext “Cheat on Fear: Have an Affair with Your Dream”, it seems the heart of the campaign is for punters to take part in one of 10 challenges set up by successful people in that field. Parkour, anyone? Obviously… Read more »

The Anchor Family

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So much about the advertising of shopping basics (milk, bread … Coke) used to revolve around family life, and the creation of characters who hardly explode fixed New Zealand archetypes. One such campaign [wonder what all those returned servicemen think of that term being used] was the Anchor butter ad series from the 80s, about the recently ‘broken’ family, and… Read more »

The Demise of the Corner Takeaway

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  For the seven years I have lived in Meadowbank (Auckland, 1072), my corner shops have been the staple of my shopping week. There’s a couple I have never visited but really wanted to, namely a tanning clinic and hairdresser, and a computer repair shop. A dairy, an iteration of Portofino, and my corner takeaway, are corner-shop perfection. It was… Read more »