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Trending: Dislike of the saying …

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It is what it is In all instances, this is a ballsack of an excuse for a saying. In this modern era of excuses, retractions, sidestepping and backpedalling, we need a one-size-fits-all statement of projection to push that nasty shit we pulled onto everyone else. Don’t like that thing I did? It is what it is. From the negotiating rooms… Read more »

Suburban Hell: The Stay-at-home mother

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With such defined roles — that we all try to ignore in the belief that this is 2015 and we can make our own new, fresh stereotypes — the role of the stay-at-home mother is perhaps one of the great conundrums of our time. What are you? Are you not a taxpayer? Oh … Ostensibly a role that revolves solely… Read more »

Happy ANZAC Day: How Will We Remember Them?

It’s an inappropriate title for a day that I always thought was about remembering the horrors faced by men, but in particular, I always have memories of the remaining ANZACs being wheeled to the services on April 25 each year, sitting blanketed, medalled and proper world-weary. It was, most certainly, for them. What had the world become? Was this what… Read more »

How to Spot a Narcissist: Michael Bublé

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When I woke up this morning and flicked through Stuff online, I noticed an interesting story about an Instagram picture of Michael Bublé (posted 5 days ago). Michael Bublé is narcissistic. There was an opportunity to take a picture in a Miami store. He made a conscious decision to include an unsuspecting bystander in the picture. As far as I… Read more »

Reality TV Scenarios: The Cat Fight

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Why would we spend valuable time analyzing The Bachelor New Zealand at all? It seems that an inevitable outcome of manufactured television these days is manufactured conflict. Come on, now. Have you ever watched one of those seasons of Survivor where they all get along and cry when someone gets voted off the island? There’s a certain incongruence in that…. Read more »