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Herald News

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House prices beyond comprehension Why does the Herald continue to report something that is not news? Putin advancing on the Ukraine is news. Come on.  Auckland (the usual focus of these articles) has always been expensive and will continue to be expensive while there is no such thing as capital gains tax, and while Auckland is seen as the hub… Read more »

NZ Fashion: T-Shirts for Men

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You decide to buy a T-shirt for your soul mate.  You want something awesome and contemporary, something that looks great with his high street jeans, loafers and leather jacket. Just walk around any festival, family-friendly picnic or school lantern festival and you will see the range of slogan tees available. SOUTH BEACH WHARF POLICE You are no more part of… Read more »

The Loudest Male: Suburban Kids’ Birthdays

  Our neighbours are having a birthday function right now for their one-year-old son. This is suburbia.  This could be the first time the back lawn has been used since the house purchase. If that’s the case, this will be the kid’s first experience of the great outdoors. It took them half a day to erect the pretend marquee (cf…. Read more »

The Mysterious World of … Scale Modeling

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There is a whole world out there in which grown-up men try to make sense of world events, other countries and state armaments budgets, and it’s called Scale Modeling. You only need to visit the comments sections of the Trade Me trades to understand the insidiousness of this hobby. The forums are also goldmines of information, and in fact one… Read more »

How to serve coffee to a narcissist

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  I was listening to National Radio’s Summer Noelle programme today where Wuthering Heights was discussed as Sonia DeFrieze unpacked the character of Heathcliff. Oft described as a romantic anti-hero, I prefer, like DeFrieze, to think of him as a “sociopathic, hate-filled basket case” and so fucked up (that’s my turn of phrase) that woe betide those who cross him,… Read more »

The Bachelor New Zealand 2015

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  What we all need after the divisive election result — of The Block — is something to unify us as a nation. For me that is pretty much it.  Last year was so depressing, really, with the politics and all the other shit, and I am looking forward to some fresh perspectives, and lo!, MediaWorks TV have delivered the payload… Read more »

Great Tourist Destinations of the Western World: Drury

    Like you, I’ve been on a road trip these summer holidays and experienced the wonders of road travel, overtaking, vomiting, and appalling food breaks. Each year, I vow to pack a chilly bin full of cut fruits, healthy sandwiches, and heroin to make the travel a little easier. I’m thinking of packing a portaloo and perhaps even a… Read more »