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The Block: After The Love Has Gone…

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After all is said and done, what has happened on The Block NZ 2014 is no real surprise, given that a) it’s set in Auckland, b) it stars people from Auckland, and c) it thrives on the kind of festering cut-throat competition that exists in the modern era.  Of Auckland. Good old little Pt Chev eh?  Little old Pt Chev. … Read more »

People Movers : Rectangular Contraceptives

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Here at The Sane Companion, we still startle when we see words (or terms) like ‘Kiwi Saver’, ‘lunch-box fillers’, ‘David Seymour’s massive majority’ or the like. But one of the biggest scares ever, for me, is the horror of The People Mover. I know I should have bought one long ago.  There are times when I need to shift five… Read more »

Post-Election Comedown : Whatever happened to?

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It’s been 30 days since the Election.  What have some of the players been up to since then? Jamie Whyte I really began to rate this guy after the surreal escapade into the landscapes of destiny of their Opening Address video clip.  After the election, Jamie re-shot segments of this and turned it into a full-scale Ken Russell-style romp, starring… Read more »

You Will Always Find Me in the Kitchen at Parties

  I’m no good at parties. I’m no good at them.  Times have changed since 1992 where I could just arrive, take the top off a Rheineck, shout out to people who weren’t even listening anyway, and immediately start dancing to Outshined by Soundgarden. At these gatherings, you could spend up to five hours not saying much at all to people… Read more »

Worst Ad in New Zealand History II: The Capri Clinic People

Drinking, drugs, gambling. Dunhills. Once upon a time, a combination of the above was a regular night out in New Zealand, often starting at 2.30p.m. and ending at 2.30a.m.  Three days later. Now, we have recovery clinics for any number of ailments, including apparently, exhaustion, anxiety and a disorder called tiredness. It’s a minefield of mentalness.  But fear not, because… Read more »

MKR: Sudden Death of Food TV

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Sometimes I head up these blog posts about New Zealand reality television, and I get up from the computer and go to the bathroom and take a long hard cold look at myself in the mirror.  My inner monologue screams “Why do you waste precious life-hours watching this wasteland of crap?” There is no answer, for there is, no answer…. Read more »

Judge Reinhold: Curse of the Hit Franchise

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So, anyone with half a brain will have watched Beverly Hills Cop III on Saturday night. Those were the days.  Good cop movies, with a decent slimy underbelly featuring a searingly hot Hollywood comic actor, and a few cameos from well-respected faces like Hector Elizondo, Bronson Pinchot and Joey Travolta, the gatekeeper of special secrets. It was a fantastic franchise,… Read more »

Richie McCaw: I am not an animal. I am a human being. Maybe.

The Mastercard people have a new addition to their series of advertisements featuring an overzealous, bald man-fan and a Pine-Tree-like Richie McCaw. McCaw is ever the silent, grunting-yet-compliant representative of New Zealand maledom.  He is juxtaposed with the human version of a party-bag bouncy ball, who cajoles him along into expressing even simple emotions like ‘joy’, ‘merriment’ and ‘gay abandonment’…. Read more »

Not one nasty word

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This month, on The Sane Companion, its “Only Sweet Words” month.  There is so much hate in the world.  Why don’t we all just love each other?  Not David Koresh-style though.  I mean, more — let’s take armsful of all the negativity today, and make it all right with Only Sweet Words.  Here are some salient examples: 1.    Karen Price and her pretend… Read more »