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Purchased Entitlement II: The Clooney Nuptials

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The coverage of George Clooney’s wedding is now available. A while ago, I wrote a blog post about the Kardashian wedding between Kim and Kanye. They, too, thought that turning up to historical locations with the propaganda machine would cement them as an intrinsic part of the history of that monument or locale. All of the big egotists have done… Read more »

The Real New Zealand Wotif List

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The following were selected by the National-voting subscribers who took part in the Wotif survey, asking who they would most like to share an arm rest with on a plane. Richie McCaw John Key Rachel Hunter Peter Jackson Dan Carter Paul Henry I’m not sure if it was long-haul or short-haul. Long-haul is different, because aside from the arm rest, there… Read more »

Hi, I’m Bond, James Bond. Let’s talk about feelings

  I was watching Skyfall the other night, mainly to cop a load of Javier Bardem, but I didn’t realize he was going to play a mutant “Silas” type figure, and it was all a bit of a turn-off. Daniel Craig did his usual gritted jaw thing, and had zero sense of humour — but looked excellent fighting international sociopaths in… Read more »

There is nothing like good pizza…

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  …and this is nothing like good pizza. So.  I’m back working now and as part of that process, the dinner situation for the adults has become somewhat dire. You know what I’m talking about.  It’s 8.30pm.  The children are largely in bed, barring one or two strange noises, and the odd sleepwalking incident. You’re hungry.  You open the freezer…. Read more »

The election is over, so…now what?

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As I sit here, like many other New Zealanders are tonight — watching the last train carriage of the election slide visibly off the tracks — I wonder what life will be like now the hoardings are down, and Prime Minister Key is smugly back in his Iron Throne for the next three years? It’s not as if you weren’t… Read more »

The Block NZ – Knocked Around and Knocked Up

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In about July of this year, I did what bloggers sometimes do. I read an article in a newspaper (online, not even the paper version) and had a white, middle-class reaction to it. I then hopped on my blog and blogged up a story around it, having carried out none of my own research at all, and posted the blog…. Read more »

Eye on the Prizes: Extrinsic Motivation in the Arts

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  With the Walters Prize 2014 winner to be announced in October, I’m sure questions [read: rage-fuelled letters to The Herald] are going to be raised about the value of art prizes in New Zealand, whether we need such prizes and why the arts can’t seem to fund themselves. Neither can the America’s Cup either it seems, but that’s something… Read more »

Dear Kate Middleton

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  Dear Kate, Welcome to your second pregnancy.  You’re a professional now.  That first baby really is a trial by fire, and you being royal does not exempt you from the terrors and trials of motherhood. I’m not talking about the usual ‘mummy blog’ rantings.  I am talking about attitudes to you as a human, having a baby. Did you… Read more »

The Aucklanders of MKRNZ: How cool is it to live on the Shore?

  In terms of great reality television quotes of Western Civilization, “How cool is it to live on the Shore” deserves a prize. Doesn’t it. Tonight on My Kitchen Rules New Zealand, the Corporate Dads, Aaron and Josh take helm at the galley, promising us ‘big flavours and big proteins’. Big proteins, saucy rubs.  Do these guys ever practise talking… Read more »

You can’t streak anymore because…

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  1. We need to protect the All Blacks.  Streakers pose a considerable threat to the safety of Key’s security phalanx. 2.  It’s televised live.  Some people are offended by nudity, but don’t mind a bit of private online pornography in the safety of their own home. 3.  It’s a weight issue.  It’s not fair to the rest of New… Read more »

More Surreal Landscapes: UnitedFuture’s Music Video

Something even more unbelievable has happened. It’s as if the town water supply has been eye-droppered with Peyote and UnitedFuture have taken a massive slug from the tap and made a music video to assist their election campaign for 2014. Unlike the ACT Party opening address, which was filled with strange arabesques of meaning and alternative universes including Epsom, UnitedFuture… Read more »