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The Block New Zealand: Season Three

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  The Block is back, this time in Pt Chevalier, Auckland. I went out there the other day to MOTAT and then the McDonalds on the main drag.  Nice.  Different.  Not Meadowbank. I do feel for its residents though.  It’s going to be mighty busy from now on with aspirational Aucklanders jumping into their Boston Green 318i BMWs, blocking the… Read more »

Bye Bye Big Jim Stewart

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My dad died a year ago, today. Bye Big Jim. Sheep shearer.  Policeman.  Security worker.  Lawn mower. Brother.  Husband.  Dad.  Uncle.  Grandad.  Neighbour.  Friend. Wine lover.  Music lover. Marathon runner.  HT license holder.  Barbeque builder. Painter.  Scale modeller.  Opera lover. Traveller.  Montezuma’s Revenge Victim. Grass cutter.  Hair comber.  John Wayne watcher.  Nigella watcher. Hilary lover.  Hilary keeper.  Hilary protector. Bye… Read more »

The Good Morning Man Panel and PMS

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  This morning on the ground-breaking Good Morning show, the man panel careened into a place they found quite difficult to reverse out of:  women and premenstrual syndrome. Good on them for trying though. It’s a terrible area anyway, not only for the sufferers, but their poor partners who are rendered hopeless, sexless and lost for the sometimes 10-day stretch… Read more »

Feminism Gets Screwed: Pirate Fairy

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I took my six year old daughter to see Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy today.  Berkeley, Mission Bay.  Total for tickets and light snacks = $36.00.  And who says movies these days are expensive?  Cough. We had a lovely time.  She snuggled into me and munched on popcorn and sipped lemonade.  I snuggled into her and had 1.5 hours of… Read more »

Rough sleeping in Auckland

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During the week I visited the Walters Prize 2014 exhibition at the Auckland City Art Gallery. Before I hit the exhibition halls, I had a coffee upstairs and sat outside, just casually observing the environment, doing some people watching and noticing the ‘rules’ of gallery life. On my table was a sign: It’s true to say that birds will fly… Read more »

Beards: Hirsute Rebellion

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I’m noticing that even in television advertising, big beards are still making their mark —probably for the first time since the 1970s. In particular, in advertising, such the NZ Post ad, where that company swap out actual reliable postal deliveries for Charles Dance getting shorn by beardy, tattooed ex-First Dates contestants. In any case, they are fine beards, and it’s… Read more »

The Auckland Art Gallery – Walters Prize 2014

  Today I visited the Auckland City Art Gallery (ACAG), mainly to view the Walters Prize finalists. If you didn’t know, The Walters Prize is probably the most visible and contentious art prize in the land.  Now they’re calling it the ‘toughest’ art prize. It’s based on the Turner, held each year at the Tate Britain in London. You must… Read more »

The Sane Companion’s Day Off

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  One of the favourite movies in our house is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Before I go on though, I just realised how much of a pratty boring toss-face arse I sounded by using terms like ‘one of our favourite’, ‘movies’ and  ‘our house’. I am sorry.  It is the language of the Woman’s Day column. Anyway yesterday,  something in-fucking-credible… Read more »

Evil Blondes

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I was once asked by a young person if I was a “real blonde” or a “fake blonde”. I wondered; what is the difference? Well, a real blonde apparently is genuine.  If the woman has made it to age 20 and is still blonde, that is, the hair has not been darkened by the passage of time, then she is… Read more »

The $100,000 shower curtain

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  Whaleoil’s analysis of the proposed expensive dividing curtain at the Devonport library is never going to be kind.  Read about it here. However, as usual, attempts at beautifying Auckland are getting trashed by the angry ratepayers and Len Brown detractors. What is public art for?  It’s for the public to look at and to form an opinion about something… Read more »

The Worst of Cars, the Best of cars

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Once upon a time, I was given a red Honda Accord automatic coupe with a rusty sunroof and not much else by way of mod cons. I named her ‘Rhonda’. I know it was free, I know I was between cars, but Rhonda was the worst car I ever drove.  It had a transmission problem which felt like when it… Read more »

Ad Smackdown: Lighting and Blinds

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It’s what you’ve been waiting for most of your adult life:  An analytical breakdown of our best ads that peddle beloved and unnecessary crap like…lighting and blinds. Correction.  We do need this crap, I accept that.  But do we respond to the advertising style of the maniac proprietor or do we like the smooth, sexy approach of the calm and… Read more »

Yes. We Women Too.

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Having just caught up on the #yesallwomen and #notallmen discussions, I’m interested to see that something ostensibly helpful announced by one of our male leaders has been turned into a joke. It’s election year of course, and politicians sometimes lose their minds in an effort to harness the undecided voter.  Maybe. Over at Whaleoil, Cameron Slater asked that Cunliffe also… Read more »