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A New Job for Julian Sands

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Do you remember Julian Sands? He’s that guy whose career went into a terminal nose dive immediately after Boxing Helena. That was a movie about a man who kidnaps and amputates the limbs from a real live woman.  You know, so she can’t run away. I don’t know about you but that kind of shenanigans makes a guy seem really… Read more »

The Worst Ad In New Zealand History

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  And the gong goes to…the Chanui ad. I know I am about 6 months to a year behind here, but I was just sitting there tonight, watching the farce that is House Rules — you know, the one where the millionaire gentry are posing as first homeowners (cough) — and up it came. The guy from the Chanui ad. I’m… Read more »

Affairs and cheating: Domestic Malaise?

Why do people have affairs? I have just finished watching a particularly disturbing series called The Tunnel and in amongst the terrorist-themed plot, the writers nest a requisite subplot about the main character – a really decent guy played by the incredibly sexy (sorry, AND talented) Stephen Dillane.  You can also see him as some kind of fur wearing contender… Read more »

Mrs Dann’s Blog and high functioning alcoholics


I’ve just been reading Mrs D’s cool as blog about quitting wine. Back in about 2005 I read a book by Jean Kirkpatrick called Goodbye Hangovers, Hello Life.  Kirkpatrick was a woman who held a PhD, a vital and stimulating research job, she had a wide circle of friends, a relatively straight forward home life, she had accolades, awards, external… Read more »

New Zealand’s Hottest Male Broadcasters

Ok this title is pretty misleading, given that I never ran a poll. But who cares, because we all know this to be true:  New Zealand is rolling out some hot talent.  These guys sit behind microphones, in front of monitors and tap out some pretty dry material about David Cunliffe (yawn) on their keyboards, while being hot. We’ve a… Read more »

Guy-vice. Advice from Guys.

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Guyvice. It’s a new word and hopefully it’ll be a new hashtag trend soon.Guyvice. Guy-vice. G-u-y-v-i-c-e.  It’s advice from guys. I’ve had so much great advice from guys and such a lot of harrowing shit from women’s magazines that I felt compelled to write both of them up, for the sake of humanity. Guyvice is short and to the point…. Read more »

Big jugs

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I was watching some old SoHo today because I am white middle-class and I like to live a vicarious existence as a voyeur of 16-18SLV serials. It’s Sunday. I don’t have church.  I have SoHo and a George Clooney Nespresso. And a large pair of breasts. Wait, let me explain. Mad Men was cycling through a few seasons and I… Read more »

My name is Colin Grigson

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…and playing the bass guitar is my game. Rik Mayall died this week suddenly aged young. He was a comedy great and although not as much of an Everyman as a Python or mainstream as Rowan Atkinson, there was certainly something for everyone. If you liked student japes, heavy metal, Tory politicians or mad people that is. One of his… Read more »

“Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.”

Everyone has an opinion on teaching because they’ve all been taught by one, right? Everyone has a bad teacher story to tell, and a good teacher story. The bad teachers were the ones we didn’t get along with or they didn’t know enough. The good teachers took time for us or were funny. Teachers have the Teachers’ Council regulating them…. Read more »

I never want to go home.

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There was a Facebook status idea circulating about the albums that made the biggest impact on you to date.  You had 15 minutes to ruminate on the list.  No need to position the list into ‘whys’; it’s just a list and like most of Facebook, it’s ephemeral and meaningless. I quite liked this idea.  As I wrote my list I… Read more »

Hi, my name is Brian. I don’t have Soho.

Scene:  A typical white middle class drink-up.  It’s late.  People are barefoot, sitting on the floor and starting to fancy each other. Christopher:  (pouring a large glass of Pinot) “So, has anyone been watching Game of Thrones”. Sandrine: (throws her head back and gasps) “Oh Fuck.  Yes.  It is juuuuuuuuuussssssssst amazing.” Thomas: (incredulous; brow furrowed) “But how do you feel… Read more »

Cat Shows – The Greerton Experience

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I regularly travel the State Highway 2 route to get to Tauranga to visit my mother. Over the years I have driven past the the biltong shops, the Mexican-themed motor inns and the perplexing Forta Leza restaurant, bar and (wait for it) China Doll museum and I have marveled at the diversity of the people and places encountered. Plus, it’s… Read more »

Julia and the Gentleman’s Club

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We’re a modern, progressive society here in New Zealand, right?   We like to think we’ve led the way with sexual equality and that the culture of sexism is something that we left back in 1960.  Right again? Wrong actually. Can a woman in 2014 work in her own business, wield her considerable intelligence and social competence and have proven results… Read more »

Welcome to the Family Court: Sex Tapes

  Here is a story that caught my eye this morning – not just because of the words Sex Tape but also Family Court. She told the man about the sex tape and said she would show the man’s wife if he stopped the move in the Family Court. The basis of this case is actually that the Mother is… Read more »