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Match fixing: The End of Good, Fair and Honest.

  The other night while the kids were eating dinner in front of the 6pm news, the item about Cairns and Vincent was front and centre. My partner’s son has finished his first year of cricket.  He was very good and got selected to play reps.  He’s 10.  He spent a lot of summer talking about cricket, players; his idol… Read more »

The Struggling Class: An interview with Bryan Bruce

This morning I listened to an interview with the Prime Minister, who talked about the recent claims that New Zealand’s housing market is one of the most overvalued in the developed world. Translated, this means that the average New Zealander is finding it almost impossible to enter the housing market in order to buy a family home—that is, a long… Read more »

Tom Cruise’s 5 Most Intoxicating Looks

Well he’s an easy target isn’t he.  Of course we all have a go at Tom Cruise.   Today’s blog is about celebrating the many (5) faces of this complex and other-worldly character.  Who hasn’t enjoyed a Cruise movie in their life? 1.   The Anal Probe We’ve all watched this scene from Jerry Maguire, the one with the precocious kid… Read more »

Twitter Titter

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Are you on Twitter yet? No doubt you’re on Facebook – and no doubt you’ve somehow ended up on LinkedIn, even if you didn’t want to be.  LinkedIn is like “Hey Jude” at the end of an event.  You are subjected to it, even if you didn’t ask to be. My own mother, aged 72, has somehow ended up with… Read more »