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Picturing Killers: The Gow Langsford Debate

UPDATE 6/5/14:  The artist and father of Sio Matalasi have now talked and it has been decided the image is going to remain up at the Gow Langsford Gallery. ____________________________________________________ There is a reasonable squall around the images by artist Jono Rotman on display at Gow Langsford in Auckland, a well-known dealer gallery. The images depict gang members from the… Read more »

The Great Food Race Final: Is that pate or parfait?

From crashing through some crop circles holding eggs, to riding a rickshaw, to spotty green suits, The Great Food Race final screened on TV3 tonight with some serious live television cringe issues. The format hit the skids in this 13th and final episode where contestants struggled not with the food task, not with the environment but with the under-planned and… Read more »

The X Factor: A Quik n Ezy Guide to the Election

I am useless at politics really. I know about things like MMP, Oravida and Peter Dunne’s professorial thatch, but on the whole I am pretty undereducated in this department. Makes me perfect to write about it then, right? So, I thought I would revert to clueless mode (Note: there’s three settings on this blog: taking the piss out of movies,… Read more »

The Final Curtain: Goodbye to Glames and The Great Food Race

Suddenly on reality food television, things have come to a grinding halt, for two very different reasons. Last Monday, Glynn and James were finally able to dispose of their MasterChef Crocs and mercifully avoid Skoda ownership whilst completing a Survivor Island cooking challenge. I was sad to see them go.  In a previous post I had mentioned that their stay… Read more »

Falling Down: I’ve had a really rare day.

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  I’ve recently been enjoying (and not enjoying) the movies of Michael Douglas. It started with a viewing of Basic Instinct (1992) which I had not seen before.  Ugh. It really is a terrible, terrible movie, reminding me a little of the Jackie Collins novels I used to read when I was in sixth form at Howick College during Geography. … Read more »