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Modern Lament for the Dead

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  Death and grief is an incredible thing. Terrible is the word for the event itself.  Surreal for the days after.  Incredible for the period beyond that in realisation the person has gone forever. Nothing can prepare you for it, not even warnings it is imminent, correct prognoses or absolute certainty it will happen to all of us. In the… Read more »

Masterchef, Nu Zillund

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I was a bit under the weather yesterday, what with it being Sunday and wet, sick children and just generally in a conundrum from about 2.30pm so I watched the beginning of Series Three of Masterchef New Zealand, on TVNZ Heartland, the one where Chelsea wins the Skoda. Chelsea has gone great guns, and features on the cover of this… Read more »

The Gift Economy

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In a minute, I am going to come over as if I’m all into economic catch-phrase-speak; I’m not.  But something has really caught my eye this morning. In today’s Herald, there is an article about a guy called Adrian Nicholas who offers coffee to customers for whatever price they choose to pay. What happens at this Auckland shop? The Herald… Read more »

Is John Key turning into #CoolDad?

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I never intended to write anything of a political ilk, but seeing the retweeted photo of President Obama and Prime Minister Key from Key’s Twitter account, whacking each other’s balls in Hawaii, has left me a little jaded and needing answers. I’m not quite sure what it is about Key; is it his lack of self awareness, schumcky lines or… Read more »