The Crossing

Katherine   December 24, 2016   No Comments on The Crossing

  I’ve just been to a new shopping complex in Tauranga called “Tauranga Crossing“. It sits in a new development in the Western Bay called The Lakes. The Warehouse Brand-new but age-old. Luxury aisles in which to swing your trolley toward the Rachel H fashion line or pallets of bulk-lolly mix. Here, you can also shop for Amy Winehouse on… Read more »

A Thousand Yards

Katherine   November 24, 2016   No Comments on A Thousand Yards

A Thousand Yards Between the blossom trees and along the straight, gravelled avenue the tall chimney rises. The polished steel is hot and deranges the stark slate of the blue sky beyond.   You took one thousand strokes on a hired exercise machine in the cold unlined garage, while outside your small shrubs grew up around you; your stare down… Read more »

Back to School

Katherine   August 29, 2016   No Comments on Back to School

Many of us, on turning 45, decide that we desperately need to do a Masterate, and just like that we are back at university, such is the ease of enrolment, extramural study, access to money and the luxury of real thinking. Back in our first degrees, some of us hung on by the skin of our teeth. We’d reached the… Read more »

The Sponsored Knives Are Out: #theblocknz

Being a competition, The Block NZ has now got competitive, fuelled not only by being around half-way through the series, but also the introduction of the network’s People’s Choice Award. People’s Choice awards are the populist motivator for teams to engage with the great unwashed, mainly through social media forums. It also enables a team to win an SUV, which… Read more »

The Block: What Week Is It Again?

I’m not sure, but it might be Week 15 on The Block New Zealand, and it appears things have gone overtime by months or years … The show is currently screened 23 times per week. I am gutted that there’s not a binge-watch catch-up on Sundays for 10 hours, like they used to do with Home & Away though. And… Read more »

Meet You At The Block: Season Five

As sure as the first icy raindrop fell mid-May in Auckland, so the filming of the new season of The Block New Zealand began. Driving past the site on Monday morning, I noticed a huge puddle had formed out front. The double-cab utes, like tanks, had rolled out. They could be tradies or film industry folk, or even local mums—who… Read more »

The Dating Game: The Bachelor New Zealand Finale

I’ve sat through the second season of The Bachelor—like everyone else who has bothered to watch—with a sense of despondency, shame, bemusement and stupefaction. It’s nothing like the first series, with the strapping, amusing Art Green who—despite being some sort of MediaWorks plant (probably)—at least had an inner spark greater than a Bic lighter. Jordan is okay. At the end… Read more »

Coronation Street’s Deep Thinker: Tim Metcalfe

Tim Metcalfe is a hapless Englishman, stuck in the middle of others’ drama, in a suburb called Weatherfield. If you thought Steve MacDonald or Peter Barlow had fairly hard existences, think again. Windass Tim entered the show in 2013 as the birth father of Faye Windass, who is the adoptive daughter of Anna and Eddie Windass. Yes. Windass. Initially he… Read more »

Survive The Block! Singly

  In a road near to my house, large diggers sit, waiting. Men in yellow hats smoke, and sip energy drinks. They wear hi-vis vests and stand in pairs, sometimes threes. But why? Rumour has it The Block is setting up shop in my hood. I live in Meadowbank. Sunny, leafy Meadowbank.  Last year, a house filled with P cooks:… Read more »


Katherine   January 26, 2016   No Comments on Boganism

Remember June and Steph, the ‘Bogan Besties’ of My Kitchen Rules? They were functional bogans.  They showed that bogans were no longer just bong-toting types with a penchant tyre fires and Corrosion of Conformity.  The friends were acceptable, taxpaying, school-run bogans, who probably shopped at Caroline Eve. I had bogan mates at school.  Maybe I was one too? In ’87,… Read more »

The Suburban Shopping Mall

  There is a place where we all ultimately go, like McDonald’s or BB’s Cafe, and that place is called the local shopping mall. The local malls have been undercut by the Westfields but they stand, steadfast, like a beacon of cheapness, scattered across suburban New Zealand. They’re places to go when the big malls are too scary, and you’re… Read more »

Blind date

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I recently heard a few tales of online dating. It seems there’s a swag of blokes out there who are great company, are CEOs, have extensive land portfolios and are generally all-round GCs. That’s what it says in their bio. Yet, they are single. What gives? And what happens when you swipe right? Let’s take a walk through a few… Read more »